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We stock a range of organic peroxides, antioxidants, stabilisers, and additives for the plastics & rubber industries.

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We source world-class chemicals and raw materials from across the globe to give excellent manufacturing outcomes and competitive advantage.

BF Specialty Chemicals is an Australian owned and operated chemical and raw material supplier. We offer organic peroxides, antioxidants, stabilisers, organosilanes, silicone rubber, hydrotalcites, chlorinated paraffins, GMS, MMA, flame ∧ smoke retardant additives, and many other chemicals and additives for the plastics, fibreglass, and rubber industries.

We operate two offices (Sydney and Melbourne) and five warehouses across Australia.

We also operate in New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand through our network of trading partners.

We are the Australian and New Zealand agents and distributors for these principals:

Specifically, we can help your business by proving the following materials from our principals:

Pergan AG, Germany Over 145 grades of organic peroxides, many of which are stocked locally by BF Specialty Chemicals.
Locally stocked products include BPO, MEKP, and dicumyl peroxide.
Dover Chemicals, USA Phosphite antioxidants, stabilisers, fire retardants, chlorinated paraffins, metal working additives,
and acrylic monomer (MMA).
Hoshine Silicon, China Over 190 grades of silicone rubber suiting a broad range of applications.
Marshall Additive Technologies, USA A full range of inorganic flame retardant and smoke suppressant solutions to for the plastics and rubber industries.
Axel Laboratories, USA Process aids and release agents for the plastics industry.
Capatue Chemical, China Silane coupling agents.
Shin-Etsu Silicone, Japan Solid and liquid silicone elastomers.
Onichem, China A broad range of organosilanes, many of which are stocked locally by BF Specialty Chemicals.
Everspring Chemical, Taiwan Hindered phenolic antioxidants.
ICC Chemical Corporation, USA An extensive range of chemicals including commodities.
Sakai Chemical, USA Hydrotalcite stabilisers and neutralisers for polymers.