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Marshall Additive Technologies (a Division of the R J Marshall Company)

BF Specialty Chemicals has partnered with Marshall Additive Technologies (MAT) to showcase and represent inorganic flame retardant and smoke suppressant solutions to meet the most demanding requirements across the plastics and rubber industries.

Southeast Asia

BF Specialty Chemicals has partnered with Singapore-based and Kuala Lumpur-based chemical distribution companies to represent some of their product range in Southeast Asia.

New Zealand

BF Specialty Chemicals has partnered with an Auckland-based chemical distribution company to represent their products in New Zealand, particularly organic peroxides, silanes, and plastic additives.


Pergan has authorised BF Specialty Chemicals (Australia) to represent them in Asia for their family of organic peroxide and crosslinking products. BF Specialty Chemicals is particularly excited about this and look forward to growing the business in the Asia Pacific region.

Melbourne, Australia

Michael Fitzgerald (Barry's son) joined BF Specialty Chemicals. Michael has a technology background and has joined the company to ensure continuity of supply to existing customers, research and explore other markets, and assist customers with their technology needs if required.

Pergan AG, Germany

Already a major peroxide producer, Pergan has recently acquired a new facility in Texas, USA. This is now the fourth Pergan plant, with two factories in Germany and one in China.

Dover Chemicals, USA

Dover has recently doubled their Doverphos S-9228 antioxidant capacity at their plant in Dover Ohio, USA.

Sakai Chemical Industry, Japan

Sakai now have their new Vietnamese plant in full production for hydrotalcites.

Axel Plastics Research Laboratories, USA

Axel are moving from Queens, New York City to a new larger facility in Connecticut, USA.

Everspring Chemicals, Taiwan

Everspring has recently doubled their phenolic antioxidant capacity to 20,000 metric tonnes per annum with their new plant in Taichung now on stream.